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CMPS260 Fall 2006 Assignment #6 (Requirements Document for the Library System) DUE DATE: In lab on Tuesday Nov. 21 st ******* NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED ******* You are required to develop a requirements document for a library system that will be discussed in the lab on Tuesday Nov. 14 th . You will use the requirements documentation standards described in Section I of the PROGRAMMING DOCUMENTATION STANDARDS (OBJECT-ORIENTED VERSION) on my web site. The entire lab on the 14 th will be dedicated to a discussion of the library system. The user will describe the features needed and it will be your responsibility to ask any questions
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Unformatted text preview: necessary to obtain the information required to complete the requirements document. You will be allowed to work in groups of up to three for this assignment. OTHER REQUIREMENTS: • Your requirements document will be typed and checked for both spelling and grammar. Hand written submissions will not be accepted. Spelling and grammar errors will result in points being deducted from your grade. • You will submit your requirements document in a folder clearly labeled with your name(s), course, section(s), and assignment number. • It is your responsibility to gather all necessary information during the lab period....
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