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Art Critique Process - The Art Critiquing Process is a...

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The Art Critiquing Process is a method of organizing the facts and your thoughts about a particular work of art. In some ways it is similar to the Scientific Method. The Art Critiquing Process is broken down into FOUR areas. Each area specifically looks at one section. The FOUR steps are Description, Analysis, Interpretation and Judgment. Each section must be covered in order, beginning with Description. This order helps you to organize your thoughts and to make intelligent and educated statements about a work of art. It is very important that you are familiar with the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design as they will provide you with the vocabulary and knowledge necessary to critique art intelligently. Please remember that not all people are going to agree with everything you may say. People bring into the Art Critiquing Process their own sets of stored knowledge and experiences that are unique to them. Also included is the Credit Line. Often the Credit Line contains some valuable clues about a work of art. These clues can be used in your Description, Analysis or Interpretation. Often the first thing you do when you look at a work of art is to say "I like it" or "I think that is a terrible piece of art!" It is very difficult not to jump to your opinions first. However, in order to make intelligent statements and educated guesses, we must follow the Art Critiquing Process and begin with Description. Description simply means to describe the picture. Tell what you see. Talk about the subject, the medium and any information you have gotten from reading the Credit Line, if there is one. This is NOT the place to add your opinions. You must be objective. The next step of the Art Critiquing Process is Analysis. Here is the section where you will express your thoughts about what the message of the artwork is. What idea does this work represent? This section relies on your knowledge of the Elements Of Art and Principles of Design to articulate in an intelligent manner the information or clues you see in the work. Interpretation is the next step. Here you are invited to express your opinions about what you think the artist meant. Now you have the opportunity to discuss what this work means to you. Judgment is an important section. Here you can express your opinion. What do you think about this piece of
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Art Critique Process - The Art Critiquing Process is a...

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