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Lecture 3 Notes - such as Head Start or a different program...

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Lecture 3 Notes Prevention Primary prevention: call parents before the school year to introduce yourself and establish a trusting relationship Secondary prevention: try to find the reason behind a students’ behavior and provide proper support Tertiary prevention: school may change their routine. For example, each classroom may leave at different times for lunch. An incentive for which class goes to lunch first can be based on behavior problems. Impediments to Reading It’s not always one cause In regards to lack of school readiness skills, sending students to things
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Unformatted text preview: such as Head Start or a different program before school, helps them receive early prevention of impeded reading. • Diagnostic teaching can help you find where the student falls in the reason for the ri impeded reading abilities Acquiring Language Foundations • Struggles in verbal language correlates to their struggles in reading Contextual Analysis • This is the hardest skill to learn • Reading requires phonic analysis, contextual analysis and structural analysis...
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