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I. Limitations of liberty in the private sector a. Smoking bans b. Honor Codes i. BYU case sexual relationship = grounds for being expelled and suspension for the rest of the season from basketball team c. Are there certain parts of the lives of the people that are part of the organizations that are none of the organizations business? II. Legal positivism a. What the law is, is one question. But, what the law ought to be is another question. i. You have to separate moral standards and the law
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Unformatted text preview: b. There can be laws that are unjust III. Natural law theory a. Law and morality are connected i. Laws must stand up to moral scrutiny b. Augustan an unjust law is no law at all IV.Consenting to slavery a. Would it be morally acceptable for a person to agree to be a slave? b. Death in freedom vs. physical death i. By extinguishing rights, freedom, basic fundamentals, human dignity it is wrong. ii. Moral appraisal is out of place...
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