11 - Notes 4/5/01 I. projects a. day before youre twenty...

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Notes 4/5/01 I. projects a. day before you’re twenty one you are completely incapable of drinking/handling alcohol. b. No matter where the age lines are drawn, it is always controversial c. “sense test” II. paper a. What are the three main consequences of the media on law today? I want to use The Thin Blue Line as a case study for this paper, and demonstrate through the consequences of the movie, what I believe are the most influential consequences of the visual mass media on law today. III. oversensationalization IV.Punishment a. Morally responsible = candidate for praise i. Praise 1. People should get what they deserve and one thing that people may deserve is praise 2. Praise is an effective tool for reinforcing behaviors that we would like to be repeated far more likely to be repeated than non-reinforced behaviors ii. Praising those who behave in beneficial ways 1. Encourages repetition of the behavior by those who are praised 2. Induces others who desire praise to behave in such ways iii. Praise theories 1. Desert theories 2. Consequentialist theories b. Punishment theories are very similar to praise theories i. Desert 1. Retributive theory “you brought it on your self”, deserve your punishment, eye for an eye a. Responsibility and culpability are central in retributive theory; the prominence of the notion of debt in retributive thinking explains this i. Just as with ones monetary debts, you have a responsibility to pay back the person you borrowed your money from b. If I have a debt I did something to incur it c. We should punish guilty people because they deserve it,
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11 - Notes 4/5/01 I. projects a. day before youre twenty...

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