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Analytic Framework VC: Protection of rights (util) 1) Side-constraints are meaningless without tangible benefits. My right to free speech means nothing if I am not in the proper physical state to exercise it, so ensuring basic needs always comes before side constraints. 2) The primary obligation of a government is to protect its citizens. Also, foreign policy objectives mandate a governmental actor. Since a government tries to protect the most rights of its citizens, it is nonsensical to justify citizen-citizen relations. 3) Claims to inviolability are circular since deontologists justify inviolability for the sake of inviolability. Inviolability is non-unique since people have been violated already.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) If people were given the ability to choose whether a government acted based utilitarian or deontological principles, they would choose utilitarian principles to maximize the chance that their interest would be protected. Therefore, utility accounts for individual autonomy. 5) Deontology is paradoxical because if peoples rights are valuable, then more respect for rights bears a greater moral value. 6) Consquentialism gives each persons interests equal weight by determining the best principles to follow based on what is the greatest good for the greatest number. Equality is key to respect the moral truth that there are no naturally relevant distinctions between persons....
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