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Unformatted text preview: PED REQUIREMENTS PED -Provide sidewalks and crosswalks to allow for Provide safe passage throughout the site. safe -Comply with ADA standards to allow for Comply adequate access to the building by people with disabilities ONSITE VEHICLE CIRCULATION ONSITE Used wb-50 design vehicle to ensure Used deliver trucks can circulate through the side and into and out of loading areas side Two loading areas provided on north and Two east sides of building. east Provided 2 dedicated bus turn outs near Provided mall entrances to allow for future bus routes stopping at the site ACCESS DRIVEWAY ACCESS - Access to the site is provided via 3 new Access driveway connections to Sinclair Ave, ----, and – driveway Each access will consist of one 20' wide entry Each lane, an 8' median and two 12' wide exit lanes. lane, Each driveway will form a new signalized Each intersection with the roadway it intersects. intersection The new traffic signal on Sinclair Ave will have to The be coordinated with the existing Sinclair Ave signals to ensure minimal impacts to traffic flow on the roadway PARKING REQUIREMENTS PARKING Will provide approximately ----- parking spaces to Will accommodate parking for mall based on provided code Requirements Requirements Parking spaces will be 9' x 18' with 24' two-way drive Parking isles isles Will provide both at grade and below ground parking Will under the building to accommodate parking Requirements. Requirements. Underground parking will be accessed via the Sinclair Underground Ave and ----- site access connections Ave Underground parking areas will have direct access Underground elevators and stairs for entrance to the mall. ...
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