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COST VS REVENUE 1. No cost 2. Port Authority Cost $700,000.00 3. Tail tunnel cost 2.3 million worst case 4. $220,000 Credit shotcrete vs concrete requested by MTA Cost S3II = $45,000.00 No Credit Total Cost to S3II for the above work is: $3.0 Million Cost from cost report Revenue from pay estimate Victory Building $2.1 Million
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Unformatted text preview: 3.2 Million Ground Improvement 41st & 10th Ave + PABT $350,000 2.6 Million TOTAL *$2,450,000 $5.8 Million *of the $2,450,000 in the cost report no money has been spent to date. Estimated Cost Items 2+3 costs: $3.0 Million Cost report has: $2.5 Million Cost overrun potential: $600,000.00...
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