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GLOBAL SETTLEMENT NO 3 Outstanding Commercial Issues Description S3II Value MTA Value AWO #9 ($3.3 million) ($9.0 million) AWO #35 (E3 Utility Chase) +$1.3 million $0 AWO #42 Instrumentation ($150,000) T1A Precast Mezzanine slab $0 Cost proposal for Invert in Running Tunnels +/- $7.0 Million Cost proposal for shaft A concrete $7.5 - 8.8 million (AWO requires adjustment to delete 3100 CYS
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Unformatted text preview: backfill concrete) Electrical substation FDN. Pile cutoffs - Remove only 6' deep - not full depth MTA to release any Ground improvement funding withheld MTA to release any Cavern excavation funding withheld No dis-incentive funds to be withheld for Cross Passage 4 & 5 schedule slippage...
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