JV Take off comparrison sheets

JV Take off comparrison sheets - BCY 176 SEWER 2615...

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C26007 2nd Ave /72nd St Station, G3/G4 tunnels, … JV TAKE OFF COMPARRISON SHEETS  UTILITY WORK Joe D 2.22.2010 Type of Work Biditem Activity LOCATION Description Units SCC SHEA KIEWIT AGREED GAS/STEAM 2610 2610-001 2ND AVE Excav/backfill existing pipe BCY 742 473 GAS/STEAM 2610 2610-005 2ND AVE SOE existing pipes BF 10200 GAS/STEAM 2610 2610-010 2ND AVE Demo existing pipes LF 589 639 GAS/STEAM 2610 2610-015 2ND AVE Excav/backfill new pipes BCY 529 487 GAS/STEAM 2610 2610-020 2ND AVE SOE new pipes BF 7320 GAS/STEAM 2610 2610-025 2ND AVE Sub Apprvd Con Ed sub install new pipes LS GAS/STEAM 2610 2610-030 2ND AVE Con Ed Approved Sub Support Shifts SEWER 2615 2615-001 2ND AVE Excav/install pipe/backfill new pipe
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Unformatted text preview: BCY 176 SEWER 2615 2615-005 2ND AVE SOE new pipes BF 2500 CATV 2625 2625-001 2ND AVE Excav/Install pipe/backfill new pipe BCY/LF 257 CATV 2625 2625-005 2ND AVE SOE new pipes BF 2088 OTHER MISC 2680 2680-001 2ND AVE Excav/cut cap/backfill existing pipe BCY 118 OTHER MISC 2680 2680-005 2ND AVE SOE existing pipes BF 3260 TRENCH RESTORATIONS 2690 2690-001 2ND AVE Replace Subbase and compact BCY 1429 TRENCH RESTORATIONS 2690 2690-005 2ND AVE Replace conc-subbase BCY 176 TRENCH RESTORATIONS 2690 2690-010 2ND AVE re-pave trenches with finish asplalt TON 86...
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