Checkpoint Characteristics of workers

Checkpoint Characteristics of workers - Arizona the Arizona...

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Checkpoint Characteristics of workers’ compensation plans By Heather Lisowski The different types of the federal workers compensation are that the federal workers have more compensations then the state does. The division of federal employees’ compensation. This plan is covered over three million federal workers and postal workers all around the world. The division of energy employee’s occupational illness compensation this is for federal workers who work for the department of energy and the contractors and the subcontractors they are also under the EEOICPA both part A and B. The division of longshore and harbor workers this plan is for workers and families that are injured or deaths will get the benefits of the compensation. The division of the coal mine workers’ the black lung benefits provided to the coal miners who are totally disabled by the black lung disease and also the survivors of the black lung disease. The state compensation only goes by different states and the laws. In the state of
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Unformatted text preview: Arizona the Arizona employee’s with one or more employee’s must maintain a compensation insurance that will cover there employee’s if anything should happen while working on a job. They also have to go with the legal division’s compliance unit this unit is to make sure that everyone that is under the state is following all the guidelines on the compensation insurance and also makes sure they are following the rules of running a business. I think that it is very important to have both federal compensation plans and also state compensation plans because you will never know when someone might need it. If the federal and the state did not have any compensation plans I think that everyone that got hurt on the job will try to sue the federal or state for the medical expenses they had to pay out of pocket. So with that said I feel that the compensation plans are a big part in a business both federal and state....
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Checkpoint Characteristics of workers - Arizona the Arizona...

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