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Checkpoin2 - strong locking systems are a must Good strong...

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Checkpoint: Crime Prevention Methods for Property Crime and Enterprise Crime There are many ways for prevention methods, especially for property crimes. For instance, a vehicle, well, of course the most popular, and most effective is the vehicle alarm. There are different kinds of alarms, but, of course the loud noisy alarm works fine for most thief concerns. But usually the professional car thief can work around that is where "Lo Jack alarms" are the best. They can be tracked and work close with police to find the vehicles very fast, sometimes still rolling. The steering wheel locking devices used in conjunction with alarms helps too and, of course always locking their car, parking it in lighted areas, or always in your garage if they have one. There home has many areas where concerns of crime prevention are most important also. The residential alarms also are good. Some have silent alarms, others the loud siren alarms, to scare intruders off, and panic alarms used by remote control for home owners are good too. Strong entrance or exit doors with
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Unformatted text preview: strong locking systems are a must. Good strong locking windows also, as this is the most used entrance by burglars. Good strong locking doors in the garage which also enters in the home. And keeping bushes or plants trees from covering up windows, where criminals can hide as they try to break in. Many more tips are available also, how to keep there house safe and while on vacation. Contact there newspaper for stop, there mail stop, any other deliveries, etc. And another good recent way to stop one type of crime that has become popular. Do not rural type mailbox to send mail. This is the type that is usually at the curb, and they put up a red flag which shows the postal carrier they have mail in the box. ID thieves love this. They know they may have a check somewhere in there outgoing mail. They can take that check, bleach out the info, and write their own in....
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