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Q- Describe a factor that determines patient benefits eligibility. What are the appropriate steps to take when insurance does not cover a planned service? Relate these steps to the eligibility factor you identified and provide two examples of patient charges with corresponding billing transactions. A- When a new patient comes into the office for the very first time they have to fill out a lot of paper work and they always ask that you arrive at least 15 min’s before your appointment time so that you can have everything done when you need to be seem by the doctor or nurse. The patient will also have to show proof of the health insurance card so they know what is covered and what is not covered. When insurance doesn’t cover the visit for the patient then some places
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Unformatted text preview: want the payment upfront or they have a bill sent to there house and they can make payments until it is all covered and paid for by the insurance and the patient. Well the only way I can relate these is that when the patient comes in for the first time they have to show the health insurance card and then after they are done the medical coding and billing have to put the information in the computer and then they will see what is covered and what is not covered. 1 example- A patient comes in and doesnt have a health plan they will have to pay out of pocket for the services. 2 examples- A patient with a health plan and have to pay a co-pay and some other fees the insurance doesnt cover....
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