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Neighborhood Improvement Program The purpose of the Neighborhood Improvement Program is so that kids will hopefully stay out of trouble and they can be safe. This program will be for kids who are in preschool and up to kids that are in High School. Everyone is pressured in don’t stuff they do not want to do. I take this program very series because I don’t want to see the kids do stuff wrong and be forced to do stuff they know is not right. I also thing that do this program a lot of kids will be off the street and in the program having fun the safe way. There parents will also have a class or a program if they think that there child is doing stuff they are not suppose to do. I have enclosed some data that I found to help
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Unformatted text preview: everyone get a better understanding on what I would like to do. The first data I am going to show is what the program will do for the kids and even parents or guardians. The first one is- Helping the kids of the future be safe and not get messed up in the wrong crowed of people. The second one is- Letting the kids be free and safe and also if they need help with there homework we will be there for them to help them. The compare and contrast of this is that if the kids are not in the program they might or might not hang out with the wrong people and then fall behind in there school work or even drop out....
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