The Official Language Movement

The Official Language Movement - The politics for the...

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The Official Language Movement By Heather Lisowski I think the pro’s are that they are all about the education and the future of the kids and there children. The other pro is that some states are teaching the Hispanics to speak English and like California and Arizona they are trying to teach the Hispanics how to speak English the only states that will not join the bandwagon is Texas and New York. They did a study and people who learned Spanish were better in writing and speaking Spanish then people who are just learning to speak and write English. The cons of learning there language and them learning English. Some Hispanics more likely not complete or finish High School more then the whites. The study of this is that only 58 percent finish school who is Hispanic and 75 percent of whites will finish school. Latino children are more likely to attend school that is a low income and will not get the kind of education that most school kids will have.
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Unformatted text preview: The politics for the Hispanics for education in the US. Most kids who don’t speak very good English will get picked on and will not finish school or they will do very bad in that class. Most teachers will go the extra mile to see that the kids will pass and go on from there English class. The instructor will stay with them until they are fully able to speak and write English. Some teachers were caught in a cross fire on the politics on teaching the immigrants in schools. When Crawford did a research on the development of the education it was outlawing the bilingual education. hispanic trending/. ../understanding-hispanic-and-general-market-cons umers-its-all-in-the-cons .html
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The Official Language Movement - The politics for the...

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