Working with Medicaid

Working with Medicaid - to the doctors you will need to get...

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Working with Medicaid There really is no eligibility if you really can’t afford to have insurance then Medicaid is good to have so that person can stay healthy and it is also good for elderly people to have also. Medicaid is for people that are with a very low income and need to have insurance. The coverage all depends on what the insurance wants to pay for. People that are either a low income family or elderly there really is no guarantee that you can get Medicaid it all depends on the agency you go to fill out the forms. The provider can bill the patient if the service is not covered and the patient will have to pay out of pocket. The insurance can also stop at the end of the month if the circumstances have changed. Medicaid normally will pay for everything but when you go
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Unformatted text preview: to the doctors you will need to get a referral for a different visit from someone eles or the visit will not be covered.When anything has changed you have to report it to the state or federal so they can determine if you still qualify for the Medicaid insurance. Well the state and federal are involved because not only can it help out low income families but you have to fill out an application to see if you can even get approved. When you are elderly you still have to fill out an application and when you do fill out applications it has to get approved by the state or the federal depending on were that person goes to fill it out. Heather Lisowski...
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