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1. According to Courtwright, crime rates were exceedingly high in the nineteenth century before TV, movies, and rap videos had been created. What, if anything, does this say about the effect of media on crime? A- Well it is said that everything was based on drinking and gamboling then the violent stated everyone was heavily armed when they went any were. I think that the media has a big impact on everything that happens in this century because they see it happen on T.V and they want to be just like that person not knowing what the consequence is. When there was no T.V families were spending a lot of time together and once T.V started to be
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Unformatted text preview: come popular everyone watches T.V and see what happens on T.V 2 . What were some of the other factors that provoked violence? Do you think that these factors still cause violence today? A- Well there was a heavy amount of drinking smoking gamboling and other stuff that is illegal now. Yes I think that these factors are a big part still because people think that it is ok to do stuff like drinking and driving and with out knowing you can kill someone. I also think that when people start gamboling and they lose they might try to get there money back and not by winning by robbing the place. Heather Lisowski...
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