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Performance Management and Training Capella University May 9, 2020 Yvette M Thomas
How Training and Performance Management Protect an Organization from Possible Litigation Examples of one company that protects itself from litigation is TD Bank for one is an organization with a good performance management and training program making sure all employees are well trained and informed with all employment laws. A lawsuit related to performance management usually involve charges of discrimination or an unfair firing. One major lawsuit could close a company like TD Bank and tarnish this well-known bank name resulting in loss of profits. TD Bank has a good performance management program that measures and evaluates the behaviors of its employees. TD Bank has developed an evaluation process and performance management system for performance appraisals. Also, TD needs to continue to train its supervisors and employees on job evaluations ( Heathfield, Susan, 2019) . In addition to TD Bank protecting itself form litigation by evaluating employees, documentation is used in specific misconduct and failure to perform of an employee’s rating . Including evidence of communication with the employee. That's why any documentation needs to be signed by the employee so that it is acknowledge that the employee is informed. By the company documenting any issues with an employee that have reach the company’s limited level for disciplinary action, can help the company against ligation and lawsuits (When Firing an Employee, 2019) . TD Bank also has a good performance management program that measures the success and failure of their organization. This program determines the company’s strategic plan for success. Their management program implements a training program that will keep the company’s employees well trained to do their job. The performance program helps the company to evaluate their employees, and look for areas that need improvements to inspire employees to earn raises and promotions (Chopra, 2015 ).