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Sheet1 Page 1 Design Optimal Gear Ratios ------ ------- ---- ------ As an engineer for the Bicycle Sprint Club, you are re- sponsible for choosing gear ratios for the bikes. The rules of sprint racing say that the bicycle can have only a single gear that is, one chain connecting a single gearwheel on the pedals to a single gearwheel on the rear wheel. The tire sizes are also fixed. The team physiologist has computed for each member of the team the optimal gear ratio between the number of turns of the pedals to the number of revolutions of the rear wheel. It is your job to translate this single real number into a pair of gears for the bicycle. The number of teeth on a gearwheel must lie between 16 and 100 due to mechanical constraints. In addition, the pedal gear will always have more teeth, since in sprint-
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Unformatted text preview: ing the rear wheel always spins faster than the pedals. Your input will consist of multiple data sets, one per line. Each set will contain a single real number greater than one and less than six indicating the number of times the rear wheel should spin for each revolution of the pedals. Your output for each data set should be two integers on a single line. The first integer is the number of gears on the pedal gearwheel and the second integer is the number of gears on the rear wheel gearwheel, such that the ratio between these two values is the closest poss-ible to the given input ratio. If multiple possible combinations of gears yield the same ratio, select the pair with the smallest total number of gears. p Sample input: 3 3.04 2.41 Sample output: 48 16 76 25 70 29...
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