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ENGL 1106 Researched Film Analysis Peer Review Overall, does the paper follow the assignment (please look carefully at the assignment sheet)? Does the writer make an argument for how his/her cultural or thematic aspect is represented in a particular film? Or, what’s the point? Is the writer actually making an argument? What is it? Her argument is that social inequities in school systems hinder minority’s ability to learn. She argues that these inequities affect the students negatively because they no longer feel they need to excel and it further propagates discriminations. Is the thesis statement clear? Is it introduced early and well? Thesis: Freedom Writers clearly illustrates several cases of stereotyping that affect student’s ability to learn. The thesis statement is introduced at the end of the paragraph which allows the reader to leave the introduction know exactly what the argument is. The thesis is clear and concise and gives the reader a consensus of what they are going to read
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This note was uploaded on 04/29/2011 for the course ENG 1106 taught by Professor Ehlrich during the Spring '11 term at Virginia Tech.

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sarah_FilmAnalysisPeerReview_2011 - ENGL 1106 Researched...

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