Attachment Style and Relationships

Attachment Style and Relationships - Assignment: Attachment...

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Assignment: Attachment Style and Relationships Robert Sternberg created the triangular theory of love and the three dimensions that he listed are passion, intimacy and commitment. For the first one passion I would see that as an intimate part of a relationship a motivational component that will reflects romance, love and of course sexual desire between two people of the same or opposite sex. I believe that this is a big factor when beginning or throughout a relationship where intimacy is involved. I believe that it can act as a huge milestone in making or breaking a loving relationship. Second there is Intimacy; this is something that I find could be in any relationship between friends, acquaintances and lovers. It involves large feelings of trust, being very close to one another and sharing our innermost thoughts and feelings with another person. Like a relationship between two best friends. Third there is Commitment; this can be between two people in any type of relationship. It is something that two people share and it is something that is used to maintain close and personal relations between two people. I believe that all three of these should be considered important to any relationship that you are in. All three I use on a daily basis with friends, family and my fiancé. Passion comes from the heart and I put it in to all communications and relationships that I have. It is a compelling emotion that can be seen and felt in a relationship. Intimacy is associated with close and personal relationships it characterizes character it is private and warm. It really coincides with the passion that you put forth to
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Attachment Style and Relationships - Assignment: Attachment...

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