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and his kingdom will have no end (3-19)

and his kingdom will have no end (3-19) - Outline"And his...

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Outline “And his kingdom will have no end” I. Discussion of Left Behind a. Dispensational premillenialism b. Catholic view on the end-times c. Relationship to Mark 13 II. Mark 13: the “little apocalypse” a. Thematic relationship between Mark 13 and the rest of Mark’s gospel i. Suffering ii. Imminence of God’s kingdom of God iii. Scripture fulfillment b. Signs of the end-times according to Mark 13 (and OT allusions) c. Daniel i. “Son of man” ii. Eschatology iii. Resurrection as sign of the end-times d. Influence of Jewish apocalyptic literature on Christian eschatology i. Second-coming of “son of man” (aka: Christ) ii. Judgment iii. Punishment and Reward 1. heaven 2. hell 3. purgatory e. when, exactly, will the kingdom of God come (and what will it look like)?
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