apostolic (4-21)

apostolic (4-21) - b Holy church i Origins fall and...

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Outline “Holy…Apostolic” I. “holy”-ness a. 4 th /5 th c. Donatists (vs. Augsutine) b. 16 th c. Anabaptists (vs. other Christians) i. Reformation 1. sola fide 2. Paul and Letter to the Galatians 3. radical reformers (i.e., Anabaptists) a. general characteristics b. ecclesiology: holy and apostolic 4. magisterial reformers (i.e., Lutherans, Calvinists) ii. Munster (1534-1535): Jan Matthys and the New Jerusalem iii. Mennonites II. “apostolic”-ness a. “apostolic” church preserves authentic Christianity b. characteristics of “apostolic” church i. eschatological ii. evangelical iii. indefectible 1. compare: infallibility a. privilege of the Pope b. the Pope is infallible when i. speaking about faith and moral ii. speaking “ex cathedra” c. infallibility only means that the Pope is not wrong d. 2 instances of papal infallibility III. Dirk Philips, “The Church of God” a. Background to Philips (1504-1568): Dutch Anabaptist, Mennonite
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Unformatted text preview: b. Holy church i. Origins, fall, and restoration ii. Church as congregation of holy beings “reborn in the Word” (compare: Paul) c. Apostolic church i. 7 ordinances of the church 1. pure and unfalsified doctrine of the divine word and correct ministers 2. proper scriptural use of the sacraments of baptism and supper a. Philips’ sacramental theology b. sola scriptura 3. foot washing of the saints 4. evangelical separation 5. brotherly love 6. conformity to the commandments of Christ 7. suffering and persecution (compare: 1 Peter) ii. 12 notes of church (compare: Paul) 1. holiness 2. apostolicity Vocabulary Donatists Radical reformers Magisterial reformers Anabaptists Munster Mennonites Indefectibility Infalliability Ex cathedra Immaculate conception Sola fide Evangelical separation 2...
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apostolic (4-21) - b Holy church i Origins fall and...

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