For our sake he was crucified

For our sake he was crucified - Crucifixion redeems...

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Outline “For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate” I. Background to Paul a. Born in Tarsus (Turkey) b. 1 st c. c. dramatic conversion -> name change d. missionary II. Background to Paul’s Letters a. Earliest parts of NT (c. 50 – 70) b. About doctrine and practice c. Greco-Roman style III. Letter to the Galatians a. Issue: Do Christians have to follow Jewish law? b. Answer: No. c. Reasons i. Christ died to redeem us from the law ii. The law is a provisional means of making people aware of their incapacity to do the law iii. The law is a disciplinarian before Christ came and revealed faith d. All the Christian needs is faith in Christ (2:15-16) e. Relationship between Christianity and Judaism? i. Discontinuity ii. Continuity f. Significance of Christ’s crucifixion for Paul? i.
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Unformatted text preview: Crucifixion redeems Christians from slavery to the law ii. Crucifixion makes Christians heir to covenant g. meaning of “Christian freedom” for Paul? i. Christians don’t have to follow Jewish law ii. Christians, however, are NOT free to do whatever they want -> ethic of faith and love iii. TANGENT: Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation 1. 95 Theses 2. Indulgences 3. Faith vs. works a. Are Catholics wrong? iv. spirit vs. flesh 1. Gnostic? IV. Theological reflections: “For our sake, he was crucified under Pontius Pilate” a. “for our sake” or “for us” b. crucifixion c. Pontius Pilate i. Historicity of Gospel events ii. Humanity of Jesus iii. Innocence of Jesus iv. Contrast to Mary Vocabulary None! 1...
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