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for us men and our salvation outline

for us men and our salvation outline - 2 salvation is...

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Outline “For us and for our salvation” I. Review of Christological controversies II. the Gnostics a. and Christology b. Gnostic beliefs i. creation by demiurge ii. elaborate cosmology iii. salvation 1. through gnosis 2. regaining heavenly fullness (pleroma) iv. docetism c. Nag Hammadi III. The Gospel of Judas (2 nd c.) a. background b. conversation between Jesus and Judas: “the secret account of the revelation that Jesus spoke in conversation with Judas Iscariot” c. what are these “secrets” that Jesus reveals to Judas? i. creation mysteries ii. eschatological mysteries (i.e., salvation) 1. the “great generation” vs. ordinary people
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Unformatted text preview: 2. salvation is liberation from the material body and the material world 3. Jesus’ role a. cf. Apollonaris 4. Judas’ role a. vs. in Gospel of Mark d. Christology of the Gospel of Judas i. compared to Mark ii. miracle-worker iii. teacher iv. salvation e. criticisms of the Gospel of Judas i. denial of the fully human Jesus ii. denial of goodness and divine origins of creation iii. denial of orthodox views of salvation f. comparative soteriologies Vocabulary Demiurge cosmology gnosis pleroma soteriology Docetist Nag Hammadi 1 2...
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