I believe in the Holy Spirit (3-24)

I believe in the Holy Spirit (3-24) - c. HS is co-creative...

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“I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life” 3-24-2009 Lecture Outline I. Scriptural bases for belief in the Holy Spirit a. OT b. NT i. Mark ii. Luke iii. Paul: 1 Corinthians 12 1. image of the church a. diversity b. body of Christ c. animated by the Holy Spirit 2. role of the Holy Spirit a. baptizes b. nourishes c. gives spiritual gifts 3. 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 12:8-11) 4. Holy Spirit as “personal” II. Relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Father and Son (the trinity) a. 4 th c. Christological controversies spill over i. is Holy Spirit “homoousious” with the Father? The Son? 1. Pneumatomachs (Basil the Great) vs. Cappadocians 2. Council of Constantinople (381) a. HS shares all attributes and functions of Father and Son b. HS is inseparable from Father and Son
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Unformatted text preview: c. HS is co-creative with Father and Son b. Nicene-Constantinopolitan creed c. Reflections on the Trinity i. Trinity = God is 3 persons in 1 ii. persons 1. relatedness 2. love iii. why it matters to us III. Dorothy Day a. Catholic Worker movement i. Reaction to industrialization ii. Christian personalism iii. Hospitality houses b. relationship to Catholic spirituality? i. Beautitides ii. Eucharist iii. Contemporary crisis in Catholic Worker movement Vocabulary Pneumatology Discernment of spirits glossalia Pneumatomachs Cappadocians (Basil the Great) Council of Constantinople (381) trinity Dorothy Day Catholic Worker movement 1 Christian personalism 2...
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I believe in the Holy Spirit (3-24) - c. HS is co-creative...

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