on the third day he rose again

on the third day he rose again - d last supper i Jesus as...

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Outline “On the third day, he rose again in fulfillment of the Scriptures” I. Resurrection in fulfillment of scripture a. Problem of the resurrection in the modern world b. Resurrection in the 4 canonical gospels i. Doubt ii. Doubt resolved by understanding resurrection as fulfillment of OT scripture II. Mark 14-16 and narrative a. Cf. Mark 1 b. Mark 14 and painstaking attention to time i. Draws readers’ attention to the importance of the passion ii. Connects the passion to Passover (Exodus) c. Jesus predicts his death multiple times i. “after three days” 1. indicates critical moment when one thing concludes and another begins 2. cf. Exodus ii. “as it is written”
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Unformatted text preview: d. last supper i. Jesus as paschal lamb ii. Covenant e. Garden of Gethsemane f. Jesus’ arrest i. Cf. Leviticus sacrifice III. Mark 14-16 and scripture fulfillment a. the persecuted righteous person of Psalms (esp. Ps. 22) i. verbal and thematic parallels: suffering and deliverance ii. significance 1. Jesus as suffering righteous person 2. eschatological significance b. the suffering servant of Isaiah 42-53 i. verbal and thematic parallels ii. significance 1. Jesus as suffering servant 2. Jesus as sin offering IV. At the tomb of Jesus a. The women b. What the angel says: commissions women to go tell the good news 1...
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