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Who proceeds from the Father and the Son (3-26)

Who proceeds from the Father and the Son (3-26) - iv Pope...

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Outline “Who proceeds from the Father and the Son” I. Dorothy Day a. Dorothy Day video b. Connection between spirituality and social justice? II. filioque controversy a. 6 th c. Spain and Gaul and Arianism b. Charlemagne and Council of Frankfurt (794) i. Background: Iconoclastic controversy 1. iconoclasts vs. iconodules 2. Byzantine emperors condemn and call for destruction of images a. Emperor Leo III (726) b. Emperor Constantine V (741) c. Influence of Islam? d. Desire to appropriate monastic property? 3. vice-regent Irene and the 2 nd Council of Nicea (787) a. reinstates veneration of images b. latria vs. doulia ii. condemns Nicea II iii. oath of Patriarch of Constantinople 1. what he said: the HS proceeds from the Father through the Son 2. what he should have said: the HS proceeds from the Father and the Son ( filioque ) 3. proxy for larger issues
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Unformatted text preview: iv. Pope Leo III refuses to insert filioque into the creed c. Photius, Mystagogy of the Holy Spirit i. layman patriarch of Constantinople ii. iconodule iii. questions about papal jurisdiction over Eastern churches d. Benedict VIII (1012-1024) makes filioque official part of creed in West e. Continued deterioration of relationship between East and West in Middle Ages i. Liturgy ii. Crusades iii. Councils of Lyons (1274) and Florence (1439) III. Discussion of Photius a. What is he arguing? b. How is he making his argument? c. What’s at stake for Photius in this argument (i.e., why does he care)? d. A debate without substance? IV. Holy Spirit in art Vocabulary Filioque Arius (review) Iconoclastic controversy Iconoclast Iconodule Latria Doulia Mystagogy 1...
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