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Mitch Garrett HIST 333 19 January 2011 Enlightened Spaniards lost connection with the royal family after the French invasion of the Basque and Catalonian regions. All Spaniard’s including the enlightened progressives felt the French were a threat to church, state, and king. Enlightenment had led to the beheading of the French king and Spaniards felt it would have the same effect in Spain as well. Later, to fund the Spanish government after its expensive war with Britain, Charles IV put for sale many church properties and gave in return government bonds worth 3 percent interest. The clergy knew this wasn’t really a better deal since the government was in such shambles, but were forced to accept since it was a royal decree. Both progressives and conservatives were fed up with Charles IV and Godoy and wanted them out of power for Ferdinand. Knowing this, Charles and Godoy fled to Aranjuez where pillaging and riots ensued. Charles abdicated to Ferdinand, but Napoleon didn’t acknowledge the new king, so in the absence of a king of Spain, he had his son, Joseph I made
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