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333 2-2 - legal measures I have a hard time agreeing with...

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Mitch Garrett HIST 333 2 February 2011 Spanish Historical Memory Law The Historical Memory Law serves mainly to denounce and halt recognition of Franco and his regime. It also provides some restitution to the victims of Franco on both sides of the Civil War. Some of its provisions include: prohibition of political events at the Valley of the Fallen, removal of francoist symbols from public buildings or spaces, help to remove victims from mass graves, rejecting the legitimacy of laws passed and trials conducted by the Francoist regime, and allowing those who left Spain under Franco for political or economic reasons to return to the country. The law is controversial because some Right-wing party members feel it unnecessarily opens up old wounds. It is also in some aspects a damnation memoriae practice, making the remembrance of certain events a sin, where that feeling may not be necessary. These critics may argue that no matter how bad it is, it is still history and shouldn’t be shunned by such extreme
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Unformatted text preview: legal measures. I have a hard time agreeing with anything the state tells you whether you can or cannot do something. I tend to be on the side that thinks no matter how terrible the history of Franco was it shouldn’t be blocked out of Spanish life by some law. Even though this law aims at creating peace and stability after years of hatred for the terrors of Franco, the monuments which he built should only be torn down and speech oppressed. The people should decide whether his legacy is good or bad and if the day comes again where Franco is right, that is the direction Spain will go. The Valley of the Fallen is a monument built by Franco for those who died during the Spanish Civil War. Franco is buried in the enormous monument and therefore it is a symbol of his power and influence for political events to take place there....
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