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Anarchism in Spain Andalusian anarchists were against strike funds b/c they couldn’t afford it and would rather have short strikes ending in violence (Black Hand) Catalan anarchists favored strike fund to keep things moving 1890’s were period of terrorism. Bourgeois was in charge and there seemed to be little way out of the cycle at all. Terrorist attacks were placed not to injure, but only to inspire new fighting spirit. Also, some attacks were thought to come as revenge for wrongful imprisonment and beatings by the inefficient police force. Anarchists founded schools to teach kids and adults liberty and social equality and to hate institutions like the church which taught “pervert doctrines.” Anarcho-Syndicalism =
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Unformatted text preview: violent trade union revolts Believed in collectivist distribution of goods and production. Sots believed in state sponsored allocation. Syndicalists believed wanted control to be in hands of producers and exercised with the trade unions. Syndicalism is a means, not an end, to achieving the goal of Anarchism. Was attractive to Andalusians because terrorism and peasant revolts had failed. Originally syndicalists were organized by local municipalities, but the best work was done after regional alliances were created. Most strikes demanded higher wages first asking for 2.50, then 3.50 and settling on 3. Success was so great that Conservatives and Republicans allied and eventually banned labor unions....
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