2-16 - b Deans list dinner i 2 dinners ii Weekend after...

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1/16 1. Pres a. Travis in charge or organizing AS 2. Chorister a. Finished up singing b. Date a Beta i. Send in things to Mitch ii. Every $5 on a date we spend we take an hour off of Philanthropy iii. Money going to MS 3. Treasurer a. PAY DUES b. Going to pledge ed to talk to pledges about dues c. 3 payments $160 4. IFC a. Ben Folds kicks off spring fever i. April 16 th ii. Blues game during Greek week March 25 1. $20 2. Hotdog and Soda 3. Free Bus ride to and from b. Winner of Greek Week gets their own booth at SGA meeting c. Chair positions available 5. Intramurals a. Won basketball
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6. Special Events a. Formal i. Sent out Email with everything ii. Sending out Google doc to go 7. Brotherhood a. Travis this weeks winner 8. Scholarship a. Study hours if on the Tiers
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Unformatted text preview: b. Deans list dinner i. 2 dinners ii. Weekend after Easter Dinner 9. PR a. Sent out event for Date a Beta 10.Parliamentarian a. Amendment meeting Thursday b. Sending out email with details 11.Pledge ed a. First real one this Sunday b. Needs Books SGA: 1. Elections Monday 22 nd , a. Points running on i. Renovation of Library ii. Students voice in Administrative decisions iii. Turning West Pine Gym into student Common iv. Cometogetherslu.com Anchorsplash: 1. Cardinals Tickets a. April 26, Monday vs. Braves b. On Sale $26 2. T-shirts on Sale a. Email Alex with Shirt size 3. Mr. Anchor splash a. Fa Wen b. Next Thursday around 6 dmatt MPR 4. Lots of practices this week...
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2-16 - b Deans list dinner i 2 dinners ii Weekend after...

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