03GreeceRises - IV.Invention of Politics A.City-states...

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Lecture Three: The Rise of Greece Lecture Reading: Sherman pages 40-61 I.The Minoans A.Pre-Greek Civilization B.Powerful and prosperous Cretan society C.Religious ritual D.Crop specialization E.Religion and economics combine F.Destroyed by mainland Greeks II.Mycenaean Civilization A.Primarily trading civilization B.Violence and the Puzzle of Disruption (1200-100 BC) C.“Dark Ages” follow D.By 800 BC trading contacts lead to re-emergence of writing III.Emerging From the Dark A.Homer (Illyiad and Odyssey) B.Hesiod ( Theogony ) C.Excellence in war and rhetoric D.Meaning of competition E.Gods are like humans F.Explore material world
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Unformatted text preview: IV.Invention of Politics A.City-states develop B.Citizens protect the city ( hoplite warriors) C.Many possible forms of governance 1.Monarchy 2.Aristocracy 3.Oligarchy 4.Democracy 5.Tyranny V.Athens and Democracy A.Initially oligarchy with participatory democracy B.Solon’s reforms (594 BC) C.Tyranny follows D.Coalition reforms with Constitution of Cleisthenes E.Ostracism protects government VI.Sparta’s Military State A.Spartan life very different from Athenian life B.Conquest C.Harsh life D.Women have more freedom VII.Olympic Games and Competition (Video)...
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03GreeceRises - IV.Invention of Politics A.City-states...

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