04GreekGlory - 3.Sculpture 4.Greek Theater II.Peloponnesian...

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Lecture Four: Greece: Glory and Decline Lecture Reading – Sherman, pages 61-73 I.Imperial Athens A.The Persian Wars, 490-480 B.C. 1.Greek tyrant rebels against Persian control 2.Athens assists 3.Persians decide to punish Greece 4.Battle of Marathon 5.Second Invasion 6.Thermopylae 7.Athens flees to ships 8.Herodotus records B.Athens Builds Its Empire 1.Delian League 2.Athens takes control, begins Golden Age 3.Pericles becomes master statesman 4.Democracy advances 5.Independent action forbidden by Athens C.Golden Athens 1.Money funds culture 2.Rebuilding and construction projects
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Unformatted text preview: 3.Sculpture 4.Greek Theater II.Peloponnesian War, 431-404 BC A.Thucydides gives account B.Athens navy, fortifications C.Sparta, strong infantry D.Melos destroyed E.Alcibiades and Sicily F.Athens Loses III.Athens Contemplates Defeat A.Moral relativism B.Socrates C.Plato D.Euripides E.Aristophanes F.Explore issues of moral absolutes, democracy, warfare IV.Aftermath of War A.Athens loses B.Power struggles ensue C.Mercenaries add to problems D.Cities remain disunited and “sovereign”...
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04GreekGlory - 3.Sculpture 4.Greek Theater II.Peloponnesian...

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