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05HellenisticWorld - 2.Resentments of Macdeonians/Greeks...

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Lecture Five: The Hellenistic World Lecture Reading – Sherman, pages 74-87 I.Conquest of the Poleis --Macedonia rises A.Tribes unite under Philip B.Military Innovations provide success C.Greek responses vary D.Greece conquered E.Philip II murdered II.Alexander’s Empire A.Alexander’s Military Exploits 1.Makes southern Greeks rejoin alliance 2.Defeats Persians 3.Uses new methods/technology 4.Captures Phoenicia 5.Sweeps into Egypt B.Alexander’s Reputation 1.Greek hero 2.Superhuman 3.Conqueror of new lands 4.Dies young C.Alexander’s Legacy 1.Intercultural marriages
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Unformatted text preview: 2.Resentments of Macdeonians/Greeks 3.Legendary status 4.Cities 5.Remainder of kingdom III.The Successor States A.Ptolemaic Egypt 1.Ptolemy goes to Egypt 2.Continuity of life with priests 3.Hellenistic queens wield power 4.Alexandria premier city 5.Rosetta Stone B.Seleucid Asia 1.Seleucus goes to Babylon 2.Persia is Hellenized like Egypt 3.Commercial cities prosper 4.Seleucid colonists hold land C.Antigonid Greece 1.Successors of Antigonious 2.Life in Macedonia reverts to older patterns 3.Greece changes, loses ties to polis...
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05HellenisticWorld - 2.Resentments of Macdeonians/Greeks...

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