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Lecture Thirteen: The Anglo-Saxons and Charlemagne Lecture Reading – Sherman, pages 208-223 I.Law and Order in the Germanic Kingdoms A.Germanic laws Based on customs Social terms, not political Based on people’s will B.Legal codes Burgeoning of Feudal Law C.Village participation As juries believing one guys story over the others D.Wergeld Money to buy off people who are mad at you Based on practical value (child bearing women worth more than post-menopause or even men) Doesn’t always satisfy victims E.Plants seeds for representative government II.Anglo-Saxon Learning and Law A.Establish Centers of Learning 1.Wearmouth-Jarrow Center of learning Puts history together 2.Intellectual skill grows 3.Venerable Bede Writes history of England 4.Learning progresses out of monasteries 5.Image of Matthew from Lindistfarne Gospels a)-Influenced by Roman art (ideas of movement), b)Germanic, c) masterpiece of biblical scholarship B.Governing the Kingdom 1.Common law 2.Witan governance Full assembly of Wise Men
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13Anglo-SaxonsCharlemagne - Lecture Thirteen: The...

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