Creation Epic vs. Genesis

Creation Epic vs. Genesis - perspective on what each...

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Mitch Garrett 274805 Creation Epic vs. Genesis The Babylonian creation epic of a wrathful creation and the Hebrew creation by God vary on nearly every scale. On one hand, the Babylonians believe a fight between gods and the king caused the universe to be created. 1 On the other, the Hebrews believe the universe was created at a set time by a merciful god who instilled order and rested on the final day. 2 While the Babylonians’ creation comes from a pessimistic point of view, the Hebrews’ creation epic contains a more optimistic viewpoint. Also, Babylonian myth says that multiple gods were involved in the creation of the universe while the Hebrew story gives their only God credit for everything. Finally, the Babylonian belief system is vague as to when the universe was created while the Hebrew system of beliefs is very strict on the timeline of events and where creation falls into the history of the world. 3 These documents are important to the study of each culture because they give us a
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Unformatted text preview: perspective on what each culture lays the foundation of their beliefs. By analyzing each passage, we see that Babylonian’s fear of their gods stems from the story of creation. On the other hand, the Hebrew belief system stems from the peaceful creation of their universe and leads to the view that their god is merciful. We also get a glimpse of the fact that the Babylonians had a 1 The Creation Epic, in Brian Tierney and Joan W. Scott, eds., Western Societies: A Documentary History, Volume 1 (Adapted) , 2nd ed. (Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2009), 4-6. 2 Genesis, in Tierney and Scott, Western Societies , 6-8. 3 Dennis Sherman and Joyce Salisbury, eds., The West in the World, Volume I (adapted) , 3 rd ed. (Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2009) 28. polytheistic system of beliefs because it was many gods who fought to create the universe. On the other hand, we see that the Hebrews believe only one God was responsible for creating the heavens and earth alike....
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Creation Epic vs. Genesis - perspective on what each...

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