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Midterm Review Guide SLU 2011

Midterm Review Guide SLU 2011 - 104 M idte rm Review Guide...

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104 Midterm Review Guide Test questions were developed from the assigned chapters and lectures – so use both to study! What is anthropology? Chapters 1 & 8 1. What is Anthropology and how would you define each of its four main subfields? 2. What are some specializations within the field of Anthropology? 3. What are the characteristics of culture? 4. Define cultural relativism and explain its importance. Evolution, genetics & race: Chapters 2 & 7 1. Define evolution. 2. Know and understand the 4 forces of evolution 3. What are these people known for? Linnaeus, Lamarck, Darwin, & Mendel 4. Discuss and critique the concept of “race” and explain why we discuss it in an Anthropology class. 5. Discuss and explain physiological adaptations that modern humans exhibit (skin color, body proportions, ABO blood groups, sickle cell trait, lactose tolerance, etc.) Primates: Chapter 3 1. What are some characteristics of primates? 2. Know the difference between: prosimians vs. anthropoids; platyrrhines vs. catarrhines; monkeys vs. apes 3.
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