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dev_psy_18_outline - Morality of constraint Autonomous...

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Developmental Psychology - 18 Moral Development Moral Choices in Nazi Germany Conditioning as Mechanism of Moral Development Social Learning as Mechanism of Moral Development Emotions and Moral Development Empathy (Zahn-Waxler) Self Concept (Kochanska) Evaluative Orientation (Damon) Distributive Justice Domain Specific Morality (Hartshorne) Behavior, Knowledge, Reasoning Piaget’s Moral Stages
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Unformatted text preview: Morality of constraint Autonomous morality (moral relativism) Kohlberg Moral Stages Kohlberg & Piaget Scoring Vignettes Stages Evidence for and against Kohlberg’s Theory Kohlberg’s Original Longitudinal Study Moral Reasoning vs. Moral Behavior Cross-Cultural Evidence of Kohlberg’s Stage Kohlberg vs. Gilligan (assigned reading)...
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