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DevPsy.org Susan Harter’s (1999) Prototypical Self Descriptions Three- to Four-Year-Old (p. 37) “I’m three years old and I live in a big house with my mother and father and my brother Jason, and my sister, Lisa. I have blue eyes and a kitty that is orange and a television in my room. I know all of my ABC’s, listen: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, L, K, O, M, P, Q, X, Z. I can run real fast. I like pizza and I have a nice teacher at preschool. I can count to 10, want to hear me? I love my dog Skipper. … I’m not scared! I’m never scared! I’m always happy … I’m really strong, I can lift this chair, watch me! Eight- to Eleven-Year-Old (p. 48) I’m pretty popular, at least with the girls. That’s because I’m nice to people and helpful and can keep secrets. Mostly I am nice to my friends, although if I get in a bad mood I sometimes say something that can be a little mean … At school, I’m feeling pretty smart in certain subjects like Language Arts and Social Studies …. But I’m feeling pretty dumb in Math and Science,
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Unformatted text preview: especially when I see how well a lot of the other kids are doing. Fifteen-Year-Old (p. 67) What am I like as a person? Youre probably not going to understand. Im complicated! With my really close friends, I am very tolerant, I mean Im understanding and caring. With a group of friends Im rowdier. Im also usually friendly and cheerful but I can be pretty obnoxious and intolerant if I dont like how theyre acting. Id like to be friendly and tolerant all the time, thats the kind of person I want to be, and Im disappointed in myself when Im not. At school, Im serious, even studious every now and then, but on the other hand, Im a goof-off too, because if youre too studious, you wont be popular I really dont understand how I can switch so fast from being cheerful with my friends, then coming home and feeling anxious, and then getting frustrated and sarcastic with my parents. Which one is the real me?...
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