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Causes of Emotion Lagattuta, Wellman and Flavell (1997) “One day Anne goes to the circus with her favorite baby doll. When Anne is talking to Bozo the clown, Bozo accidentally steps on the doll and breaks it. Anne feels sad. Well many days later Anne is at her friend, Jane's, birthday party. It is time for the party show. Anne sees Bozo the clown dance into the room. She starts to feel sad. Why does Anne start to feel sad right now?” “Anne's sad because
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Unformatted text preview: she's thinking about her doll breaking” (over half of 3yr & most 4yr) “Anne's sad because the clown makes her think about her broken doll.” (large majority 5yr) Real vs. Expressed Emotion Michelle is sleeping over at cousin Johnny ! s house but she forgot her teddy bear. She is feeling sad inside but she doesn ! t want to show it because he will call her a baby. (Banerjee, 1997). Jones, Abbey, & Cumberland (1998)...
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