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Piaget’s Preoperational Stage of Development Magical Thinking - Intellectual Realism in Understanding Dreams “Metr (5;9) Where does the dream come from? I think you sleep so well that you dream. What do we dream with? With nothing. When you are in bed and you dream, where is the dream? I don’t really know if it was in my stomach the bones would be in the way and I shouldn’t see it. Is the dream there when you sleep? Yes it is in the bed beside me. Where do dreams come from? They happen. Where? In the room and afterwards they come up to the children. You see the dream when you are in the room…if I were in the room too should I see it? No, grownups (les messieurs) don’t ever dream. Can two people ever have the same dream? No never. When the dream is in the room, is it near you? Yes there! (pointing to 30 cms in front of his eyes).” The Child’s Conception of the World by Jean Piaget (1929) p.97
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Unformatted text preview: Magical Thinking - Animism in Understand the Sky Vel (8.5): “Is the sun alive? - yes - Why? - It gives light. - Is a candle alive? - No- Why not? - (Yes) because it gives light. It is alive when it is giving light, but it isn’t alive when it is not giving light. … The Child’s Conception of the World by Jean Piaget (1929) p.196 Juill (7.5): “Is a lizard alive? - Yes- … Are clouds alive? - Yes, because they move and hit. What do they hit? - They make thunder when it rains.- Is the moon alive? - Yes, because it moves. … The Child’s Conception of the World by Jean Piaget (1929) p.200 Egocentrism – In Conversations "[The child] feels no desire to influence his hearer nor tell him anything; not unlike a certain type of drawing room conversation where everyone talks about himself and no one listens." The Language & Thought of the Child by Jean Piaget (1923), p.9...
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