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PARTICIPANT (STUDENT) DOCUMENTATION Introduction The Experiment Management System provides an easy method for you to sign up for studies, and track your progress throughout the term. Everything is done through the software’s web- based interface, so you can access the system at any time, from any computer, with a standard web browser. It should be noted that this documentation covers all the features in the system, but your organization may have chosen to disable certain features. Do not be alarmed if the documentation covers options and features that are not visible on the system you are using. Getting Started Your interaction with the system will be minimal and hopefully as painless as possible. After you log in to the system, you can view a list of available studies and any restrictions, sign up for studies that interest you, and track your progress throughout the semester. The system will track when you receive credits for a study, so you can view this online as well. The system works best if you use any popular web browser that is less than 2 years old, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. It will work with other web browsers, and with older versions of popular web browsers, however the layout may not be as clean. No functionality will be lost by using an older web browser. The software will work if you are using a screen reader or other tools for those hard of hearing or sight. This documentation assumes you have a basic knowledge of how to use the web. On this system, it is not necessary to use the Back button. You can always use the toolbar on the top of every screen to navigate anywhere on the site. Requesting an Account If you see a link on the front page of the site to request an account, then your organization has enabled the feature to allow you to request an account. Click the link, and you will be required to provide some very basic information. Depending on how your system is configured, you may receive an email notification immediately with your login information, or you may receive the notification only after the administrator has approved the account. The email notification will include login instructions for the system. You will be assigned a default password, which you can change after your first login. In many cases, you may also provide an alternate email address (after your first login) if you prefer to receive future notifications at another email address. The email will come from the administrator’s email address (listed on the request account page), so be sure to configure your junk mail filters to allow email from that address.
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Figure 1 - Requesting an Account If your organization has not enabled this feature, then your organization will create an account on your behalf. You will receive this account information, most likely by email. If you did not receive your login information, please check your email program’s junk mail
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