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Women Horrible Rights by douglas j.

Women Horrible Rights by douglas j. - Jackson1 Douglas...

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Jackson1 Douglas Jackson Professor Shelley English 102 March 11, 2011 “Women’s Horrible Rights” In the plays “A Doll House” and “Trifles” they both are feminist plays dealing with the things that women have gone through just because of what they were. They both seem to be similar in a way dealing with a woman’s inequalities and disadvantages of a woman in the earlier times. Both Nora and Mrs. Wright were repressing the way they felt about their marriages, by not telling their husbands the way they actually felt. Nora and Mrs. Wright never spoke on how they felt about their marriages towards their husband; they just remained silent until they could no longer take it. As everybody knows women were all treated very different way back in the day. In both of the plays Nora and Mrs. Wright dealt with their very controlling men. Their own husbands try to control them as if they are kids or dolls, and as an adult they really get fed up with that. At that current time women were not allowed to vote as well work. So they were expected to be housewives, while the husband supports the family financially. So Nora and Mrs. Wright knew that without their husbands they would have to provide for themselves. But as the story developed they both realized that they no longer wanted that life of being controlled, and reacted in their own different way, that caused the two plays to be what they are .
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In Trifles Mrs. Wright is dealing with her husband’s controlling ways. Her husband cuts her off from her family and friends too. Mrs. Wright friend, Mrs. Hale says “I’ve not seen much
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