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Project Outline I. Opening: start presenting powerpoint 3 slides that are horrible simultaneously: John hands out papers distracts audience Zainab goes off in a corner Anna on the phone Dustin reading obnoxiously in front of the powerpoint Anna stops it all and brings everything into focus and start the REAL powerpoint/presentation transition outline what we’re going to go into this was terrible but that’s what this training project is for. . to show you the prop- er behavior in professional settings each of us explains what we will explain (without using the phrase “I’ll be telling you about this bla bla bla.
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Unformatted text preview: . be creative ! ) ← II. Explaining an organization III. Introduce the Web (Zainab) IV. Mature handling of disagreement and criticism---> Zainab combine w/ John’s presentation by referring to each other, flows better V. Sexual harassment (Dustin & Zainab) VI. Office Romance (Dustin) VII. Keeping personal life at home (Zainab) VIII. Gossip (John) IX. Manage time effective while at work (Anna) X. E-mailing/ appropriate use of technology (Dustin) XI. Conclusion A. recap of what we’ve learned (similar to what we opened with) B. draw in class participation. .ask questions about what they saw in our presenta-tion...
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