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What is an organization? Organization : a system consisting of a large number of people working together in a struc- tured way to accomplish multiple goals (Trenholm 199) “an organization is literally human behavior” (201) how is this relative to communication? people in organizations argue, cooperate, make decisions, solve problems, and forge re- lationships (201) Characteristics : interdependence all members of an organization are connected to one antoher share a common fate very reason ppl join org. so as to accomplish certain goals they could not achieve on their own hierarchy system that is divided into orders and ranks status and power and not distributed equally bureaucracy clear chain of command (form of hierarchy) Why might you think all of this important to you as a college student? (ask the class)
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Unformatted text preview: • we’re all part of various organizations in some way shape or form-- SLU in particular • but, if that’s not enough to keep your attention. . remember that you will one day work for an organization and what we have to offer you includes learning how to be a productive member of that organization Managing your time • you’ve heard it before, but it’s still important! • need to eliminate “time thieves” (as found on powerpoint presentation from SLU) • i.e. procrastination, facebook, external & internal distractions, over scheduling & poor organization • LEARN IT NOW because, most of you, are not going to get paid while your at work to be one facebook.’s probably frowned upon • see billiken beginnings book for more ‘tips’...
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