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Bad Etiquette

Bad Etiquette - Good Etiquette/professional behavior...

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Bad Etiquette UNDER 2 MINUTES!!!!!! Not enough handouts Unprofessional handouts Blurry, bad font, all over the place, no headers, various texts/sizes, bad sentences, BE FRIKIN CRAZY!!!! No one knows when speaking Text all on one slide Someone wonder away from the group ZAINAB Read directly off of slide, all other group members are confused DUSTIN Talk on phone ANNA Pass out bad handouts JOHN DUSTIN AND JOHN ARGUE, Dustin walks out Anna will transition into actual professional behavior
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Unformatted text preview: Good Etiquette/professional behavior Explain an organization, define ANNA Keep personal life at home ZAINAB Manage time effectively, work while at work ANNA Mature handling of disagreement and criticism JOHN Sexual harassment ZAINAB & DUSTIN Manage conflicts/Hierarchy (explanation of web) ZAINAB Avoid water cooler talk, grapevine, gossip JOHN Emails/ Organizational Technology DUSTIN Office Romance DUSTIN...
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