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Facebook Norms

Facebook Norms - actually like them as a person...

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Ali Pepper Research Questions Facebook- Changing social norms. Everyday, I know that all my friends (and myself) log on to facebook several times throughout the day. They log on to update statuses, look at pictures, and find out what everyone else has been doing with their day. We even log on to talk to each other, when we could just walk down the hall to get the same information. Logging on and compulsively checking notifications has become a habit of many. Facebook has taken over our lives to the point where we reference it in conversations or arguments. ‘Creeping’ on facebook is appropriate, whereas if someone were creeping in person, it would actually be creepy. Being someone’s friend on facebook, does not mean that you
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Unformatted text preview: actually like them as a person. Conventional attitudes towards other people have changed significantly since social networking became such an obsession. I want to know why this type of social networking is so appealing to everyone, and why actual conversation is losing its value.-How does Facebook affect the standards we set for daily communication? I plan to use surveys to help me relate my findings to a larger population. Asking the direct group of people that facebook affects will be my greatest resource. (This part I did wrong, so I edited it out- but it’s the general idea)...
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