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Biz Quiz - Profit(Gross Profit Net Income o Costs(or...

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QUIZ III – BIZ 100 Biz by the Numbers Date of Quiz: Tuesday, March 8 IMPORTANT NOTE: BRING YOUR CALCULATOR TO CLASS FOR THE Biz by the Numbers QUIZ! The quiz will be short answer (3 – 5 questions) and multiple choice (3 – 5 questions) covering material discussed in class, handed out in class, posted on Blackboard, and from our Text ( Chapter 12 T he Role of Accounting in Business) Key Topics for Quiz III include: The fundamental concepts of: o Sales (or Revenue) o
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Unformatted text preview: Profit (Gross Profit, Net Income) o Costs (or Expenses) o Total Sales – Total Costs (or Expenses) = Profit o Total Assets = Total Liabilities + Total Owner’s Equity The Income Statement The Balance Sheet Financial Ratios o Gross Profit Ratio (or Margin) o Net Profit Ratio (or Margin) o Debt to Asset Ratio o Return on Equity Ratio The business functions/roles: o Accounting Managerial Financial o Finance GAAP FASB...
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  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, gross profit ratio, net profit ratio, Accounting Managerial Financial o Finance GAAP FASB

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