Agenda16 - Quote of the Week: "Courage is the power to...

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Quote of the Week: “Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.”    -Raymond Lindquist Associated Students of Saint Louis University Student Government Association 38 th General Assembly Meeting No. 016-11 February 9 th , 2011 Agenda I. Call to Order II. Opening Prayer III. Roll Call IV. Approval of the Minutes V. Approval of the Agenda VI. Open Forum VII. Special Business a. Higher Learning Commission Accreditation, Miriam Joseph and Steve Sanchez Special Business Presentation VIII. Old Business a. (SB) - 037-11 Senator Grillot Bill to amend the Constitution for Re-Apportionment of Senate seats IX. New Business a. (SB) – 039-11 Senator Sreepada Bill to Amend the Association’s Bylaws to Establish the SLU/FUSED Committee b. (SR) - 011-11 Vice President Janczewski 2010-2011 Annual Funding Guidelines c. (SB) – 040-11 Vice President Vandenburg Bill to Seat New Senator d. (SB) – 041-11 Vice President Janczewski Bill to confirm and seat the Upperclassmen Scholarship Selection Committee X. Officer Reports XI. Pass the Gavel XII. Adjournment
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Associated Student of Saint Louis University Student Government Association Senate Bill (SB) – 037-11 February 9, 2011 Intent and Purpose: To Amend the Constitution for Re-Apportionment of Senate seats. Whereas, the Constitution states, “the Constitutional Review and Rules Committee will review and, if necessary, adjust apportionment at least once per academic year,” Whereas, the Constitution states, “Each school/college shall have at least one Academic Senator. One Academic Senator will be designated for colleges with fewer than 500 total Full-Time Equivalency students including undergraduate, graduate and professional students, hereafter referred to as Full-Time Equivalency. To determine the representation of a college with Full-Time Equivalency enrollment greater than 500 students, divide the total Full-Time Equivalency enrollment by 500 and round the result up to the nearest whole number. This result is the appropriate number of Academic seats for the given college,” Whereas, the Constitution states, “The number of graduate student seats shall be equal to the number of colleges with a graduate or professional program,” Therefore, let the Association’s Constitution be amended such that: ARTICLE III MEMBERSHIP B. The Legislative Branch 1. Senate a. The Senate shall consist of the following seats: i. Three Doisy School of Allied Health Professions Senators ii. Two School of Nursing Senators iii. Seven College of Arts and Sciences Senators iv. Four John Cook School of Business and Administration Senators v. Eight Seven Graduate and Professional Student Senators vi. Two College of Education and Public Service Senators vii. Two School of Law Senators viii. Two School of Medicine Senators ix. Two Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, and Technology Senators x. One College of Philosophy and Letters Senator xi. One School for Professional Studies Senator xii. One School of Public Health Senator
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Agenda16 - Quote of the Week: "Courage is the power to...

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